Evie, adopted 2013
October 5, 2013

Evie is doing great; she is a true blessing in our lives. She completed her basic obedience training and was outstanding in her abilities! And her training translates seamlessly at home (though there are still a few wrinkles to iron out!). Her favorite activities include walking in the park down the street (or anywhere), chewing her toys into tiny little pieces that she never eats, but spits out daintily in piles all over the floors, deck, and lawn :) and most of all she loves to explore our spacious backyard, a portion of which we've allowed to get overgrown with all kinds of super-exciting tall grass, weeds, leaf piles saplings and shrubberies (and absolutely no ticks! I can't believe it!). Evie has a gentle soul coupled with a playful personality-- everyone she meets (she has SOOO MANY new friends!) falls in love with her instantly because she's curious yet calm and always happy to see you. Her behavior is impeccable for her age, waiting politely for you to come down to her before slobbering your face, waiting politely for the signal before dashing down the back stairs and tearin' around the yard with hilarious exuberance. Jimmy's 4 year old niece has taken quite a shine to her as well. Every one of our friends and family who were hesitant at first now see pit bulls in a new light because they know Evie. She brings indescribable joy to our lives and we are forever grateful for everything the MSPCA has done for her and for us and for countless other beautiful creatures like Evie.

-Melanie & Jimmy