Fletcher, adopted 8/19/13
October 20, 2013

After losing one of our two senior pit mixes earlier this year, our house and hearts felt painfully empty.  My husband and I began to talk about giving another dog in need a home, but worried about finding the right match for us, our older dog, and especially our two young children (who are used to living with gentle dogs with limitless patience).  We knew we wanted a medium to large sized dog, who would be active enough to keep up with the kids, but also lazy enough to want to snuggle with them inside.  We also knew we enjoyed having intelligent dogs that were eager to please.  We began to look at adoption sites in our area and a few dogs at the MSPCA – Cape Cod caught our eye.  As I walked into the dog area, my eyes immediately went to a large white puppy covered in black spots, obviously trying desperately to sit quietly but still wiggling from head to tail.  It was clear from the get-go that he was interested in being part of a family with small children.  He was incredibly sweet and caring towards our three and five year olds (even running back to check on our daughter when she fell during our first walk together).  The puppy was very excited to meet our senior male dog, but he was also extremely respectful and sweet.  We had no doubt that he was the dog for us; we were all so excited to bring him home!  We renamed him from Pepper to Fletcher and he has quickly become an important member of the family.  He learned to sit, lay, rollover, stay, and come all in one afternoon the first week we adopted him.  He has rejuvenated our family, particularly as a motivator to get out on more hikes. He immediately formed a bond with our two young children; his favorite time of the day is now when the bus brings our daughter home to him.  His favorite past time is being a snuggled by the kids; he never seems to have enough even though our children smother him.  He is quite fond of our senior dog, and I often find them sunning themselves together by the back door, with Mason’s chin on top of Fletcher’s back, or Fletcher resting his head on Mason’s paws.  We would like to thank the MSCPA, and specifically the amazing staff and volunteers at the Cape Cod campus, for without you we would not have been able to find our perfect new Pitty to make our family whole again. 

- Stacy