Hilti, adopted 1/24/13
October 9, 2013

We are not people who needed convincing that pit bulls are just like any other wonderful companion dog. Hilti is our family’s third pit bull, but people we meet are still surprised that “people like us” have a pit bull. We lost our last pit bull a year ago after over 16 years together. Our 16 year old cat, Jaime, fell into a funk when his beloved dog died. We adopted another older cat for him, but they ended up battling for turf and our house was anything but peaceful. Jaime barely ate and hid for weeks in the basement while we consulted veterinary behavior specialists and gave him anti-anxiety medications. The day we arrived at the house with Hilti, Jaime was waiting at the door. When Hilti entered, Jaime greeted her with a chirp, twined his way through her legs and jumped up to rub on her face. She accepted this strange, big cat immediately and lowered her head to stiff and rub him back. We are amazed, because Jaime had been too anxious to walk around the house normally for over 4 months.  Hilti’s presence immediately changed the relationship between our two cats and gave Jaime the confidence to retake his place in the household. Now all 3 animals  (mostly) peacefully sleep in the bedroom together and we have harmony and affection. Thank you, Hilti!

Thank you,
Lisa Moses/Heidi Sjoberg