Jones, adopted 1/12/13
October 18, 2013

Our story is this: We had a red nose pit bull named Duke from 9 weeks to 4 years, he got sick and when we took him to the MSPCA in Boston-Angell Animal Medical Center and we saw Jonas for the first time, we were talking about adopting him to be with Duke.  then we lost Duke to his illness.  We went back to visit with Jonas a few times and then we adopted him.  At first he was scared, but in a few weeks time he was doing great. We are very happy and so is he. He is a great dog , he loves to jog/walk with me everyday. He loves his back yard and his friends. Mickey is our cat of 16 years, Jonas and him get along just fine. Still working on fetch, he likes to keep the ball once he gets it. He just wants to with us, all the time. Now he is right at home, loves his back yard, loves rides in the car. He gets along with any dog we meet, he is very laid back lovable dog.  We are very happy we adopted Jonas.  And we continue to support the MSPCA and Pit Bulls everywere.
Thanks for all you do for this breed.
Joanne & Ray Penwarden