Logan, adopted 1/11/13
October 6, 2013

We adopted Cinnamon (now Logan, or one of his many nicknames: Logie, LogaBeans ,or Beans) back
in January, 2013 after we had multiple discussions about finding a ‘buddy’ for our 3 year old Boxer/Hound, Kaiah.  He couldn’t be more perfect for our family and a better brother, play-mate, and companion for Kaiah. He is a bed hog, constantly snuggled, and always a comedian. A few words about why we absolutely adore our American Pitbull Terrior, Logan:

  • At 8 months, he woke up one day with one less leg and missing the only family he knew. He managed to hold on to find love again.
  • He loves all living beings equally & unconditionally (The cat may never understand why).
  • He may only have 3 legs, but he’s very capable.
  • He is crazy klutzy, but he never lets that deter him from playing, running, cuddling, or loving (I sometimes fear the amount of brain cells he loses from crashing into things, walls in particular).
  • He’s a ‘bully’ who doesn’t mind being ‘bullied.’ (I call it ‘admirable self-­confidence.’)
  • He is much stronger than his sister, yet never feels the need to let her know that.  He lovingly lets her win…always.
  • He speaks up (howls) when he wants some love. If only we were all so transparent.
  • He knows when he needs a lazy day. Further, his appreciation for blankets is in competition with my own.
  • He runs a muck at the beach with not a care in the world. Sometimes I’d wish he’d teach me how to do the same.
  • The word ‘cookie’ will make him move at accelerated speed.
  • He’s a great cuddler and can somehow make anything ‘bad’ that happened during the day ‘disappear.’
  • He smiles. No really, he smiles.
  • His ‘happy dance’ whenever he hears the words: car, walk, go out, park will make anyone laugh.
  • Everyday that he wakes up is reason enough for him to be happy. Why do we all lose touch with this concept?
  • Everyday is an adventure and warrants enthusiasm (excessive tail wagging).
  • At the beach/dog park, he can be so stubborn with the ‘come’ command, but eventually gives in and comes running unboundedly ourway.
  • He is great with my 89 year old grandmother and puppies alike -  he loves everyoneunconditionally.
  • Society/Media has taught people to ‘fear’ him, but he loves (any and all) people anyway. He doesn’t judge others, like others judge him. He has this uncanny tolerance for ignorance.
  • He is nothing but love, and he’s the perfect addition to our family.

- Brian & Julie