Maude, adopted 10/21/12
October 25, 2013

Thank you for allowing us the chance to be a part of Pitbull Awareness! We are very grateful to the MSPCA for supporting the breed and giving us an incredibly lovable member of our family.

It took a lot of begging to get my husband to visit the MSPCA to only look at the little dogs and maybe think about bringing one home into our tiny apartment. We came home with Jade, our now often-called "hija." She made us a little family after recently getting married, and now she is well-loved by the entire family, especially our niece and nephew. We were told during the adoption process that we would be "pitbull ambassadors," though back then we were unwary of the often negative attitudes towards them. We were quickly bombarded with rumors of their supposed aggression. However, we soon learned that Jade is anything but mean. She loves to cuddle and play with toys, and is even gentle with small children and babies. Jade is unquestionably friendly to all people and is very happy to cuddle and lay down for a good pat from strangers and family alike. While walking Jade in our neighborhood, we are passed by people who are either astounded at her beauty and gentleness or fearful and angry because of her breed. We often refer them to the animal shelter if they are thinking of getting a dog, and our niece pridefully tells them, "It's OK! She's my dog and she's nice."

- Jose and Katherine