Reggie, adopted 8/29/13
October 22, 2013

With the recent loss of our dog of 11 years, we weren't sure if we were ready for another dog at the time.  We have a friend that works at the MSPCA (Andrea Bessler) as a Veterinary Technician; she is also a foster parent who nurses new pups until they are old enough and ready for adoption. Time had passed and we started to really miss the companionship of a dog. When we first met Reggie at 3 weeks old, we fell in love with him right away! After seeing him again and knowing he was going up for adoption the next week, we decided that we had to find out the process of adoption because we wanted him to be a part of our family! It's been 4 weeks now and we have shared so much fun together, my son is 12 y/o and Reggie never leaves his big brothers side. He loves to be involved in whatever the family is doing.

He loves his daily walks and playing with his friends at the dog park. Rides in the car is one of his favorite activities.. He recently went for his first trip to the beach, loves to swim and run in the water!! Reggie came with us on our annual trip to North Conway, NH today and decided to take him on a short hike with us, of course he loved it (not surprised) and pretty much wanted to lead the way on the trail (adventurous side). Reggie is very smart, loving, amazingly loyal, loves being around kids (kisses for days!), energetic and most of all loves to snuggle and be close to you. We are so happy that we decided to adopt Reggie, we couldn't be happier!! I could go on for days telling you how great he is to be around. :)

Thank you MSPCA for all that you do!

Kathy, Ed & Trevor