Rocky, adopted 9/16/12
October 19, 2013

A little over a year ago, my husband and I decided it was time to adopt another pit bull. We had lost our last pit bull at the age of 14 years the May before. My husband was at the shelter every weekend looking for a “fit” since we wanted an older dog who would be good with cats and our 14-year-old lab, Dakota.

I had always thought that shelter animals choose us, and there would be a magical moment when our eyes would meet telling us that this was the animal destined to come home with us. That did not happen when we met Rocky (now Loki). He was just laying in his cage wholly uninterested in the people looking at him. We initially thought he was too mellow for us so we walked right by.
The next week, my husband called me to bring Dakota down to the shelter as there was a 9-year-old pit bull that he thought could be a match. It turned out she would not work out with Dakota since she was too dominant with our old man. We decided to take Rocky out while we were there with Dakota. It was astonishing what a different dog Rocky became when out of his cage as he was playful and engaging. I knew we had found our dog as soon as he sat on my lap; he is a 70 pound lap dog.

Since then, he is one of the best dogs we ever had. It is heart-breaking that he has bite scars and shows some signs of previous abuse, but his scars are all on the outside. He is sweet, gentle, has a personality that meshes with ours perfectly, and travels with us on any road trip. We learned a lesson that day to never judge an animal solely by what is seen in the cage.