Rose, adopted 5/12/13
October 29, 2013

We came into MSPCA on a Saturday afternoon in May. Walking into the dog room we were immediately greeted by 3 Pit bull puppies. Rose was the first one who spoke up, making sure we had all eyes on her. In that instant we knew she was coming home with us. The girls would be 8 weeks the next day so we were told we would have to come back on Sunday if we wanted to adopt her. We showed up Mother's Day morning a half hour before the place opened to make sure no one else could get their hands on our Rose! It was love at first sight and our love for her has only grown. She is the best cuddler and gives the best kisses. Now, at 7 months old she still thinks she's only 8 pounds and loves to fall asleep on your lap. Our Rosie is amazing with our friends children, gets along with every dog she meets and has changed the minds of many people in our family who said "I can't believe you would adopt a Pitt!" These same people now babysit her regularly and crawl into her doggy bed to lay with her for a quick cuddle session. Rosie is the epitome of "Get to know a Pit bull". We would like to thank the amazing people at the MSPCA for giving Rose a good start in life and giving us the opportunity to give her a forever home as she grows up to be our Rosie, Rosita, Rosalita, or Rose Marie (when she's being a brat)!
- Bernadine and Mike