Roxy, adopted 2013
October 16, 2013

When we went to the MSPCA, we were looking for a companion for our 5 year old pit bull mix, Tater Tot. We definitely wanted another pit bull since our experience with Tater has been so awesome. The first few dogs we met didn't really impress Tater and he was definitely letting us know he was bored-- lots of dramatic sighs. We were about to give up for the day when the adoption counselors conferred and said we have one more dog to show you. Roxy was a bit older than we were looking for and had recently been hit by a car. They lead out a skinny, tail tucked little black shadow. Her face was scraped up, her left eye socket had stitches, and she was obviously unsure about these strangers taking her leash. She snuffled my hand and gave a tiny lick and started winning me over to team Roxy pretty quickly. When she met Tater, Roxy pulled out all of her tricks and Tater...LOVED her. They played, they wrestled, they chilled out in the grass together. Apparently, this was our dog.

The best word to describe Roxy is “joyful”. Roxy is the happiest dog we have ever met! Most dogs have a happy dance, but Roxy has multiple happy dances. Just walked in the door? Leaps of joy and butt wiggles. Time for dinner? Happy pounce time! Walk? Happy prancing and turning in circles. Couch cuddling time? She leaps into the air and launches herself into your arms! Bed time? Time to run to bed and dive under the covers. Seriously, Roxy LOVES life and she lets us know every day.

- Deborah