Shayla, adopted 6/6/13
October 21, 2013

When we went to the shelter earlier this summer to see about adopting a dog, it was inevitable that our pick would have big doggy shoes to fill. Over the winter, we’d had to say goodbye to our beloved, 12-year old pit bull due to cancer. There was no question that we’d adopt another pit bull, it was just a matter of when. Upon seeing Shayla, we knew that the time had come. Now named Ellie (short for Eleanor, often Ell-Bell, occasionally Smelly Ellie), she had no trouble wiggling her way into our hearts. It was clear from the get-go that she had energy to burn, energy that has now been directed into morning runs, weekend hikes, stalking squirrels in the backyard, and her favorite – Saturday morning puppy playtime at the park. There she is known for her athletic ability as well as her playful disposition – engaging big and little dogs alike with a constantly wagging tail. At home, she’s a near-constant companion, following the action from room to room, sitting quietly at our feet while watching tv or reading a book, and greeting us and visitors with her snout in the window followed by licks at the door. Ellie brightens our every day and we are bewildered that she lasted four months at the shelter before we adopted her, but we’re so happy it happened that way.

- Nichola, Mike, and Ellie