Sophia, adopted 5/12/13
October 8, 2013

After our beloved dog Dijjy  passed away in December 2012, it was difficult to think about getting another pet, especially for me. I thought no other dog could ever take her place. Occasionally our 6 year old son would ask us when we were going to get a new dog. Finally, on Mother’s Day 2013 we decided to take a trip to the MSPCA/Angel Memorial. After looking around, we decided that Sophia was the one for us. She was the runt of a litter of 8 (3 girls, 5 boys), but something about her spoke to us. The first weeks proved to be tough with house-training etc, but patience is a big part of pet ownership. Since then, Sophia has grown and become part of our family. She plays and gets along great with kids, adults and other dogs. We love Sophia very much, and hope she is part of our family for years to come.

- James