August 27, 2011

Crackers was adopted in August 2011, after coming to the adoption center in really bad shape.  He was very thin, this blood work was abnormal, and Dr. Graham, Angell’s avian specialist, thought his health was getting worse.  Nancy and Matt adopted him to offer hospice care, and sent us this nice email and picture shortly afterward.
It's been a little over a month since we brought home Crackers, the White Front Amazon who was not very adoptable and kind of sickly.
I wanted to send a new photo and let you know he is doing wonderful!  He saw Dr. Orcutt, who reviewed his blood work and said everything looks normal.  He appears to be healthy, just a little underweight still. He has been putting on some weight, though, with supplements and a great pellet diet.  Hopefully he continues to gain!  Crackers is now integrated into the "bird" room at our house and he really enjoys the company of my conure, Charlie, and Matt's conure, Chico!  Everybody is very happy.

-Nancy and Matt