May 19, 2011

It's been 2 weeks since Gonzo joined our family and I wanted to let you know that things are still progressing splendidly with him.  He has nearly completely shredded the "rings" toy he came with; he's taking great joy in tugging and chewing on the beaded "dangly" pieces.  I found a cute hanging loofah toy that looks like a submarine sandwich. He shreds on it a bit but still prefers the toys he came with.

Gonzo gets more and more "free" time out of his cage each day. He's already up to hours out. Gonzo is such a social bird that he has been climbing down to the front corner to sit rather than using his perch and hanging toys.  And he's great when I'm on the phone. I prefer to stay in the room with him (so he can stay on his topper) and he lowers his volume to mumbles when I'm on a phone call. On the occasions I have left the room he cranks it up to squeals and loud call-outs. We're lucky to have a considerate bird!

I am attaching photos I took of him this morning. I feel like a grandparent that spent a fortune on toys only to have their toddler prefer the box they came in. When I put food in his cup this morning, he "stole" the cup from me. It's the first time I have seen him use his feet to manipulate an object other than food.

Thank you again for allowing us to bring home the greatest bird. Gonzo has quickly established himself as a treasured member of our family. I can't believe that for 40+ years I actually got up to an alarm clock when "Lorie," "I love you," and "kiss the bird" is such a rewarding way to start the day!

You all do such a great job of giving love to so many great companions who are in transition between families.  As a new "mom" of one of your charges, I feel so good knowing that Gonzo was kept happy while you waited for fate to bring us together. I've read about so many challenges that come with rescue/adopted birds and we haven't yet faced a single one. Gonzo sends a purr to each of you!

-Lorie C.