July 11, 2010

We adopted Jimmy just a few days ago.  The trip home was loud but uneventful.  I thought Jimmy would be timid coming out of his crate, but he wasn’t…he flew out of the cage, circled the kitchen, and landed on my husband’s shoulder!  I filled the sink with about 1 inch of water so he could take a bath while we set up his cage.  He loved it!  He splashed in the sink and made a huge mess.

The first night he was exhausted, but at 5 am the next day he was ready to play.  He wakes up all the people/animals in our home bright and early.  He is eating and drinking very well, and fits right in with the dogs, cats and my other bird.  We are very happy with our adoption and we hope Jimmy feels the same.

We had a very enjoyable visit at your facility and appreciate all you did to help us pick the perfect addition to our family.

- Marci