Mr. Bella
May 24, 2013

Dana adopted Mr. Bella in May 2013 and sent us an update on his progress after being with her for 6 months.
Mr. Bella is doing great! I'm in awe of his ever expanding vocabulary. He loves to sing along to God Bless America - a true parrot patriot. Not to be mistaken for a Patriot fan - He is all about the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles! Ha!
His flight feathers have grown back and is now soaring around the house with ease. Interestingly, it took several weeks of encouragement (praise and treats) before he felt confident enough to fly without prompting. I suspect past wing clipping (too short and/or too many) had caused him to plop rather than glide to the floor. 
We still struggle with habitual feather plucking/self mutilation (aka, Quaker Mutilation Syndrome). I'm working with an avian specialist to avoid collar placement. In addition to training (to keep his little bird brain stimulated), good night sleeps and a balanced diet - we're evaluating hormone therapy. 
With or without feathers - he is Loved.
Mr. Bella wants all bird parents to know, that there will be good days and not so good days but don't give up!  
- Dana