November 5, 2011

Amos, formerly "Willy," was surrendered in August 2011 because he insisted on being an outdoor cat, and his owners had other indoor cats they were afraid would sneak out.  He was adopted by Spencer Pierce Little Farm in Newbury, where he now lives as a well-loved barn cat with lots of other animals adopted from Nevins Farm.  A staff member shared this update late last year:

"Just wanted to send you a quick update on our friend Amos. He has settled right in here at the farm, and does laps around the farmyard, trotting around with his tail in the air, and calling out to visitors when he sees them. He is still a little skittish, and runs away if people approach, but will wind himself around you if you stand still for a minute. He loves children, and some of our programs have moved into the barn so they can visit with him. Please pass on our thanks to your staff and volunteers over there for yet another wonderful addition to the farm."