February 7, 2010

Sunny (formerly Sugar) was surrendered as a stray whom the founder was feeding for one month.  He was adopted a few months later, and his adopter shared this update with us a year later:

"We adopted Sugar last February. We have renamed him to Sunny. He's now almost 20 lbs and has a full fluffy coat.

He's a very funny cat. The night we brought him home - he was in the carrier for quite a while. My family wanted to see our new baby so we had gone from Methuen to Atkinson to Hampstead to Londonderry. When we finally got him home I wanted to see how he would do with our 11 yr old cat, Baby. So I kept him in his carrier and put it in the living room. She walked by - gave him a hiss and ignored him. He had no reaction so I let him out. He strolled out of the carrier went to the middle of the living room, flopped down on his side like a golden retriever, and went to sleep. He had found his home.

He's kind of like a bratty kid - he likes to torture Baby by mushing her to the floor and laying on top of her. She's yelling at him and he is looking at the ceiling like she isn't there until she escapes. Then he runs because she boxes his ears. If I yell at him he runs and hides in his cat cube and peeks out at me to see if I can see him. He likes to make chairs skid across the floor when he jumps onto them. He also likes to play "cat in a box" which you can see in this picture. He'll run the length of the hall and dive into a coke box trying to get all the way through. He can only get his head and one front leg in now so he rolls around like that for a while and then sets up for another run. It is hilarious. We love our new cat and he definitely loves us or at least all the comfy places to sleep in his new home! He races me up the stairs every night so he can claim the corner of my bed.  Thank you for rescuing him!"

- Jean