October 1, 2009

In April, Dave, Bailey, Kirby, and I moved to a house with a yard in South Hamilton, MA.  Since then we've added a 12 week old puppy, Nero, to the household.  Bailey is the best babysitter and friend a puppy could have.  The two tussle for hours at a time and despite his size/strength (Bailey's 100+ pounds compared to the puppy's 20 pounds), he is as gentle as a butterfly, always letting the puppy take the lead and "win." It is quite the pack and life is good.


We completed the CGC training and are preparing for Therapy Dog International Certification and CGC tests.  Since part of the TDI certification requires familiarity around assistance devices such as walkers, wheelchairs and medical equipment, we needed to find a group of people that would be willing to help with this training.  Both the Hamilton and Wenham Councils on Aging opened their arms to Bailey and showed an incredible willingness to help with his training.  Bailey and I travel to the Council on Mondays and interact with a wonderful group of seniors there.  Watching Bailey interact with the seniors, how the seniors warm to him and how conversations come alive when he is around, has been both eye-opening and further confirmation of what the trainer and I always suspected: with his gentle temperament and love of people, he will be a great therapy dog.  Even better...he gets all the hugs he feels he needs.

We thank the MSPCA for believing in Bailey.  He was at the MSPCA for almost 4 months before he was adopted to this house.  Because of the care provided to him and the way the MSPCA believed in him, he is now able to bring joy to so many people.

-Stacy C.