February 18, 2011


Maddie, Daisy, and Clancy © Tiffany White Photography

With two kids under the age of two, two horses, and two other dogs, we definitely did not need a third dog! BUT, at the first Little Bookworms story time that I attended with our kids, Jennifer brought out “Daisy," an adorable terrier mix, to meet the kids. Watching her tail wag while 20+ toddlers reached at and touched her, I was smitten. We were actually planning to meet another lab mix puppy that had just come in to the shelter, but I couldn’t get my mind off little Daisy. After talking to Mike Keiley and learning that Daisy had extreme separation anxiety, I was even more interested in her. I knew she was hard to adopt, and being a stay at home Mom meant that someone would be home for her most of the day. Also I learned that having two other dogs would help her acclimate and feel more confident when the human members of the pack had to go out. We decided to “foster-to-adopt,” and even though our first weekend was a little rocky – Daisy was nervous and we were wondering if we were crazy adding another member to our family - we knew that we were going to make Daisy a permanent member of the family. Daisy enjoys going to the beach, doggie daycare a couple of days a week, and agility work. She has a spunky, sweet personality which wins over everyone who meets her. She is super with the kids, loves our other two dogs, and is adjusting very well to her new home. In February, we will celebrate a year with her in our busy lives. We feel grateful that she “found” us that day at Little Bookworms.

-Kathryn C, Daisy's adopter