September 16, 2011

Molly is a sweet little 1+ year old girl who has adapted well in her new home, with us and our extended family that includes our grown children and grandchildren, as well as our 10+ year old cat.  She had some issues when we adopted her, but we are working on them.  Molly is very close to David and I, however, she is most definitely a "mommy's girl" and plays the role well.  Molly met my son who came home on leave from USAF, active duty, in October.  She "adopted" him for the three weeks he was at home, and would wait for him at the window and then greet him at the door.  When he left on Veterans Day, a piece of Molly went with him.  While at home, he taught Molly commands and she learned "high five."


Molly loves to go for walks and ride in the truck.  She gets attention all the time and will let anyone pat her and sometimes she gets treats too!  Molly, with all of her Dalmation traits, is a very active girl.  She must run daily; we have a large fenced in yard and she will run like a greyhound and do laps and figure 8's until she is tired.  Molly has a favorite yellow ball with a smiley face, and she loves her basketball; she also plays well with my grandchildren.  Molly also has quiet time: she naps in the morning in the sun in front of the slider, in her favorite spot on the rug, and at night she sleeps on our bed with us and the cat.

Because of the sudden illness and then loss of our first dalmation, Corey, in August, I searched the internet for weeks to find a dog.  When I saw Molly's face, I knew she was the one.  Our vet and all the vet techs came into the waiting room when we brought Molly for her first visit.  They were so happy for us, that we found another Dalmation - all of them say she is a "good one" and she is a sweet girl.

David and I thank MSPCA at Nevins Farm and Michael for all of his patience with our phone calls and emails too!