November 13, 2011

Nala is doing great, she continues to be the wonderful dog she was when I brought her home, she loves everyone and she is very well behaved.  She initially had some separation issues, but she is getting over them slowly but surely.  When she first came home, I couldn't leave the room without her following me!  Now if I get up and leave the room she looks at me like "What?  I'm comfortable I ain't gettin' up!"  Too cute!

Nala is still holding her record of no accidents in the house and no chewing of anything that doesn't belong to her, which is great.  Though the no-chewing shouldn't be very hard considering I can't walk five feet without stepping on a chew toy or bone of some sort! 

So in a nut shell that's it.  Nala is awesome.  I am telling as many people as possible about your organization, that if they can't adopt they can donate or volunteer.

- John