Buttercup (donkey)
June 8, 2010

 Buttercup celebrating the 4th of July
 Buttercup celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Buttercup, formerly Merry, was surrendered to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in December 2009 because her owners were getting a divorce and weren't able to keep her.  She was adopted in May, but returned a few weeks later.  Then, in June 2010, she was adopted by her forever family.

Her adopter, Pat, had always wanted a donkey, but when she first contacted us about Merry, she already had a home.  It must have been fate, because Merry's first home didn't work out and she went home with Pat.  Buttercup needs to be on a special diet, which Pat is fastidious about.  She makes sure that she gets clipped every summer so she can stay nice and cool.  When Buttercup is out in her turnout, Pat just calls her name and Buttercup comes trotting over.  It's so cute!  Buttercup looks phenomenal and she is so happy.  Pat also has a thoroughbred named Duke that she adopted from us.  We feel so lucky that we know her and have been able to find a special home for these animals with her.