Chip, Lucky, Mary (ducks)
March 18, 2012


Phil, a several-time adopter of ducks from the MSPCA, sent us this update in August, 2012.  Many of his adopted ducks were originally surrendered because their owners couldn't provide adequate winter shelter.

"As you can see in the pictures, having a large swimming pool isn't good enough for Chip, Lucky and Mary. If you look closely, Chip has learned to stand on the wall to release the water, to create themselves a mud bog! Gotta laugh, these guys are entertaining!

Please keep me in mind as I am considering adding two females to my group. I think White Pekings or Rouens would do well; or any duck breed that cannot fly away.  If and when you find you have a couple of females willing to move up to Maine, please shoot me an email. Enjoy the pictures and this terrific summer day!"