Samuel (horse)
August 17, 2011

 Samuel and his friend, Drummer

Samuel, a 15-year-old quarterhorse, was surrendered to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in March, 2011 because his owners couldn't afford to care for him.  He went into foster care a month later, due to too few stall spaces available at the farm.  Four months later his foster family decided to officially adopt him, and they sent us this email shorty thereafter:

"Pam and I just wanted to update you on Samuel.  He's doing "GREAT."  He and Drummer are getting along just fine.  They've become best buddies, sharing hay, sharing each others stall, sharing carrots.  He talks up a storm whenever we see him.  We've been walking him down the long driveway here towards our garden and he loves to nibble on grass along the way to and from.  He's finished his medication and all seems well.  He was very good for our farrier last week.

We want to again thank all of the staff for their patience helping us to find the right horse and help in allowing us to adopt Samuel.  He's become a big part of the family and Drummer is happy to have a buddy to hang out with.  Best wishes to you all."