Vanessa (duck)
March 13, 2010


In January of 2010, a stray duck (now named Vanessa, but previously called Ginger) was brought to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm by a rescue in Maine. She had been found outside and was unable to fly. The MSPCA staff inspected her wings and discovered a compound fracture on her left wing. Since it was an old break that had healed incorrectly, it was decided that removing the wing would be best for her and allow her to live a healthier, happier life.

Dr. Jennifer Graham, a board-certified avian specialist at Angell Animal Hospital in Boston, was able to come to Methuen and perform the surgery.

Vanessa made a full recovery and was adopted by an experienced duck adopter, Phyllis F. (who just happened to live in Maine, where Vanessa was found!).  Phyllis had three MSPCA alumni ducks already, two females and a male.  At first, the drake did not allow Vanessa to be with them – but the females were happy to have another friend. Time won out and Vanessa is now a part of the whole flock. Her favorite place to be, as it was at Nevins Farm, is floating in her pool of cool water.