Magner (Maps)
September 19, 2010

Magner ("Maps" at the Boston adoption center) was surrendered in early August 2010, along with his parents and several siblings (a litter of 4 eight-week-old babies and 7 of his four-week-old littermates).  His adopter, Alyssa, took him home just 6 weeks later when he was old enough to be adopted.  She shares this update:

Mag has been AWESOME.  He is the best bunny in the world.  He follows Sean and I around our house like a little puppy.  He snuggles, he plays, he's litterbox trained - he's fantastic.  Sean and I just adore him and we are so lucky to have him.  Almost two weeks ago, Sean and I adopted a black lab puppy and we named him Guinness.  Guin is almost 10 weeks now.  The two are very interested in each other.  Mag has never thumped or showed any sign of nervousness or anxiety around Guin.  We are slowly introducing the two because Guinness thinks Magner is a puppy - he'll pounce and play like he's playing with other pups his age and size.  Mag isn't a fan.  As soon as Guin becomes playful Mag books it to the other side of the house!

-Alyssa L.