Mr. Rabbit
January 3, 2010

Mr. Rabbit is our third rabbit, and our second adopted rabbit.  He is just the sweetest thing!  He loves to be petted.  He gives us a good nudge if we stop!  He really thinks he is part dog because when he is out of his cage in his playroom, he will come running to see me when I enter the room, and then he runs around my feet until I pat him or pick him up.

In the morning, I take him out of his cage to sit for a while and either pat him or brush him.  He has gotten used to being turned over on his back, cradled in my arm like a baby, so I can tickle or brush his tummy or underneath his back paws.  I could probably do this for an hour, he likes it so much.  He gets so relaxed I can even pat or brush gently under his chin.  He usually comes out of his cage for most of the afternoon when we are home.  When we lay on the floor to play with him, he runs around us and we play hide and seek.  He'll run over our legs or try to find our face when we hide it with our hands.

I would highly recommend adopting a bunny.  I did not want the responsibility of a dog, but my daughter really wanted a pet, so after doing some research, we decided to get a bunny.  All three of our bunnies have had different, but great, personalities and have been great pets; they have all been so loveable.  They are really no trouble to care for and they can be litter box trained like a cat.  The cost of fresh food and feed pellets, hay and litter box materials are really quite reasonable and the big bags last a long time.  They are just so fun to watch when they run around, do binkies or wash their face with their paws.  You really do become attached to them.  We even taught our last rabbit to do a little trick - I would roll a little plastic ball to him, he would pick it up with his teeth and put it in my hand, three times in a row, and then he got his treat.

Rabbits are really great pets.  If you love them, they will love you right back and they won't hesitate to show you.

-Kathy T.