November 16, 2010

The Jayne family adopted Peanut (now Peter) from the Boston MSPCA Adoption Center in November, 2010.  Peanut had been surrendered because he was "too large and had too much fur."  Luckily, he's much loved in his new home:

"We didn't think we would change his name, but my husband started calling him Peter and then we all did too. He doesn't seem to mind a bit though. Peter is a wonderful addition to our family. He spends most of his time out of his cage, but its always open for him to go back for food, litter or whatever. He is such a social bunny and always wants to be in the same room with us. As I write this now he is laying under my chair! Peter is just the best bunny and over the past few months his personality has really come out. He is so funny and wins the hearts of everyone who meets him. No one can believe how well behaved he is! Although he has chewed a couple of blankets and stuffed toys, he seems to avoid chewing on things that are not his. He also likes to steal things off the coffee table -  especially toast crusts! It's quite amusing to watch him run off with things. He eats well and we have no health concerns. He certainly gets plenty of exercise running up and down the stairs and around the house - then he flops over for a bunny nap.  He is wonderful with our kids and their 2 cousins who come over weekly. Peter loves to be in the playroom and likes to nest in the dress up clothes that are usually strewn all over. He is happy to be patted and my daughter has even won his trust and been able to carry him around a little. She holds him like a baby and he falls asleep! He has also won a special place in my husband's heart. He is not much of an animal person, but he now picks Peter up to put him away for the night, feeds him and loves it when Peter comes to his feet for some attention. We love our bunny! Thank you so much for helping us find him."