September 9, 2010

Zorro was adopted from the MSPCA in September of 2010, after 7 weeks at the adoption center.  His adopter Kaylie writes:

"Zorro has not only become one of the family, he is running the family! Our living room has been shifted to the side to give him lots of running room.  He is prefectly healthy and is a changed rabbit from when we first met him -- his eyes are always big, black and happy.  All his fur has grown back on his nose and he runs as fast as he can, jumping up and down.

This rabbit is so important to me and I can't imagine a day without him by my side.  He is content just sitting on my lap as I finish homework or read a book.  He really is the best rabbit.  He comes right up to the edge of his cage to meet me and will sprall out whereever he wants to.  We call him a dog trapped in a rabbit's body because he is the calmest rabbit any of us have ever met.  Actually, my sister gets mad at me because I talk about how sweet he is constantly.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring this special little bunny home."