February 18, 2011

 Jenny is pictured here with her bulldog "brother," Moose

Jenny came to the MSPCA thin, missing fur, with painful infected teeth and gums, ear infections and red, itchy skin.   Her story was very sad.  Her owner developed a brain tumor and required constant care from her husband.  Soon her husband realized he could not keep up with the care of both of them and that Jenny was suffering because of it.  When she came to us she was depressed, painful and dispirited.  Kelly (my girlfriend) and I decided to foster Jenny during her recovery - many months!  You would never believe that the lifeless dog that slept all day and barely ate would have turned into the vibrant, playful beautiful dog that she is now.  We think back to what she was like in the beginning, when we questioned whether she would survive or if she even had the spirit to come around again, and we are so grateful that we stuck through it with her.  We thank our lucky stars that we have such a talented veterinary team working for us, because they helped Jenny heal from so many medical problems.

Now Jenny is the love of our lives and we are so grateful that we have her.  Adopting a senior dog was really the best option for Kelly and I.  Where we both work in animal shelters, we have very full work days and needed to have a lower energy dog who was fully housebroken.  Jenny is content with just a few walks a day and every time we take her out, she gets approached by adults and kids alike because she is one of the cutest, most endearing dogs people have seen.  She is actually quite the talk of the town and believe it or not she is often mistaken for a puppy.

- Mike K.