December 26, 2010

Willy is a rock star!  I have adopted all of my cats (4 to be exact), over the past 25 years, from MSPCA in Methuen.  I have never been disappointed.  I always ask for the cat that has been there the longest and who is the oldest and I am not particular about color or breed.  Willy fit right in with my other cat, Angel, as well as my home from day one.  He is a well-mannered gentleman and he has the run of the house.  Willy spends most of his day “hanging-out” and grooming himself.  He has a great personality and likes to play chasing games.  Folks who adopt kittens or cats by color markings, etc. are missing so much when it comes to picking a grateful friend.  Willy is nine years old, and regardless of what his life was like as a “throw-away” cat, he will live out the second half of his life as an important member of my family.  I wanted to thank Shari especially, and the rest of the dedicated staff at Methuen, for the important job that they do. 

-George M.