November 20, 2011

This young hamster was surrended in November 2011 because her owners felt they didn't have enough time for her.  Her adopter, Eleanor, brought her home the first week of December, and provides this update on Buttercup:

"Buttercup has settled in nicely.  She was running around checking out her new home straight away and then it was onto the wheel 2 hours later!  After a short holding session with me, she fell fast asleep.  I supplied some corn stuffing for her, which seemed to be missing until she emptied it from her cheeks to make a little nest in the corner.  I load up the play pen (a large box with a blanket on the bottom) with lots of tunnels, toys, and food so she has loads of fun checking it all out.  She then usually sleeps for an hour before going onto her favorite toy - the wheel."