Fluffy & Bones
February 8, 2011

Both of our guinea pigs transitioned very well.  Fluffy is definitely the more laid-back one and loves to be held.  Bones is a tougher sell!  If Fluffy is being held by someone on a towel on the couch, Bones will eventually calm down, but he definitely needs his "mentor" very close by.  At first my daughter had to wear gloves to hold him, but now he can be held comfortably without them.

They really are sweet little things. My experience is all dogs…and bigger breeds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.  These little animals have a different, special charm.  I always wanted a guinea pig as a child and am glad we decided to adopt a pair.

I think the time and devotion you show to these small animals at the MSPCA is just incredible.  It is so obvious that these animals mean something to the staff and volunteers.  We just hope Fluffy has a few good years left in him as he has already wrapped us around his little paw!  Bones is a little cutie, he's just playing hard to get!

-Heather Y.