Heisman and Broadway Joe
December 9, 2010

We can't believe how big Heisman and Joe have gotten since we adopted them in 2010 at 3 months old. They've been very special additions to our family.

Heisman’s birth defect (a misshapen rear leg) has left him with a curved back and legs that are askew. We wondered how this would affect him and his relationships as he and his brother grew older and bigger.  We wondered if his brother (younger by 5 minutes) would continue to defend and care for him or grow bigger and pick on him.  Heisman and Joe were paired together for adoption because Joe was the one who didn’t pick on him.  It's touching to see how connected they are to each other. They often sleep cuddled next to each other or nose to nose. Heisman has trouble grooming his left side because of the way his arms go, so Joe cleans out his eyes and ears for him.  When we take one of them out of their cage, they squeak at each other to make sure they're each okay.  And when they are reunited, it’s the nose touch – Are you OK? OK – good.

But as brothers will be brothers, Joe also has NO PROBLEM running over Heisman or stealing his snacks!

They mixed in well with our other piggies.  Both Joe and Heisman took to our older piggy, Chico right away, from day one they snuggled up under Chico's long hair.  We thought that maybe he reminded them of their mom.  Chico passed away suddenly after a few months, and it took a long time for them to get used to him not being around.

We really appreciate the job you all do at Nevins Farm as well as the care you take to make sure that the animals are going to the right home.  Your job as protectors, caretakers, educators and advocates are all equally important.  The many hats may be difficult to wear but you all do it well and with grace.  We've loved every piggy we've gotten from you.  We encourage everyone who's considering adopting a guinea pig to do so.  You'll never regret the joy they'll bring to your home and to your lives.  And before long you won’t remember a day that you did not have a piggy story to tell too.

-Michele M.