December 17, 2010

Orange was surrendered to the Boston MSPCA along with her four siblings in December 2010, by an owner who had allowed his pet store guinea pigs to breed at home.  Orange's adopter, Hannah, shares her adoption story:

I adopted this sweet guinea pig in December 2010. She is the best - so curious, active and cuddly. Thank you so much to the Boston staff for taking care of her before I was able to come get her.

Orange likes her run-around time very much, and will scamper around the kitchen as I am making dinner, exploring as if she in on a mission. She LOVES timothy hay, even more than carrots, and will squeak and popcorn every time I refresh the hay in her cage. She was a bit skittish when I first got her but now is very cuddly, and will flatten herself on my lap and make little comfy pig noises.