Sam and Fred
June 19, 2011

I’ve been keeping rats as pets for the past decade, and most of them have been rescued animals.  I have a feral cat, which precludes my adopting any more cats, and I don’t have the time for a dog, but I DO have enough room for three rats to live quite comfortably in a large ferret cage.
I visited the MSPCA at Nevins Farm and found Sam, Fred and Joe (three brothers) in the small animal room.  They were all extremely friendly and ran right up to see me.  I spent some time (OK, close to an hour!) playing with them and then left.  At the time I had three rats and didn’t have room for any more.
Later that week one of my oldest rats passed away and the next weekend I went back to the shelter.  Sam, Fred and Joe were still there.  Sam seemed to remember me and came running right up to me.  I visited with Sam for about 30 minutes (he actually fell asleep in my hands happily chattering away).  30 minutes later I’d adopted Sam.
Ten days after I brought Sam home my very oldest rat passed away.  I’d been thinking about Joe and Fred since I’d first met them, so that weekend I found myself at the shelter again.  Joe had been adopted by one of the shelter volunteers, but Fred was still there.  I visited with Fred, and within 5 minutes he was sitting on my shoulder kissing my cheek…and so Fred came home with me that day and reunited with his brother Sam in their Forever Home.

-Steve M.