November 26, 2012

We adopted petite Speedy the day after Thanksgiving 2010.  She was an adult mouse who had been found abandoned in a hallway.  It took about a month for her to get used to us and we have had a marvelous time with her ever since.  Now when she hears our voices, she comes out looking for us... and the treats we often bring to her.

She is very sweet and curious, and loves to build nests and rip paper.  She’s in excellent health and unafraid of our two cats, who sometimes observe her in her cage (but they don't stalk her).

She lives alone, unfortunately, because our other female mouse (whom we were to match with her) fell ill shortly after Speedy's adoption.  But she gets lots of human attention!  Notably, she loves "Speedy spas:” rubbed on one of her cheeks, she falls into an immobile ecstasy and stretches out the corresponding front paw!

Speedy is a beloved member of the family.  She is affectionately known with a spinoff French nonsense name, Spoudouille, as well as Mistigrise or Misti-Misti, a liberal spinoff from the word Mouse.   My daughter, 10, finds inspiration in her to draw cartoons.

-Anne, François and Chloé