June 7, 2009

Starry was surrendered to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in March 2009.  She suffered from neglect, so she was placed in foster care until June, when she was adopted by Colin.  Starry has since passed away, but Colin shares the highlights of his time with her:

Starry was a very special piggie.  When she was surrendered to Nevins, her original owners had taken very poor care of her. She had several tumors, greasy fur, and she did not know how to eat pellets.  Luckily, the MSPCA arranged for her to have surgery to remove her tumors, and she was cared for as a foster until she recovered.  That's when I met her.  Starry's personality was unlike any other pig my family has ever had. She was extremely strong willed, but she loved cuddling, plus simply being held and carried.

I loved holding her in my lap when I watched TV, and she enjoyed being scratched behind the ears and under her chin.  When I would come by with fruit or vegetables, she would come running up to the cage door, biting at the bars to get my attention.  She would also frequently greet me with a loud "wheek" when I arrived home from work.  Unfortunately, later on she had several health issues, but she was a determined fighter and remained visibly happy up until her final night.  I wish my time with her had been longer, but I am comforted knowing that I was able to make her final years a far better experience than the early part of her life.

Guinea Pigs make such wonderful companions.  I hope others take a chance with these special animals.