Fee-Waived Adoptions

At the MSPCA, we were pleased to announce our first ever "Fee Waived Adoption Event" on August 27th and 28th.  For one weekend only, there was no charge to the adopter for adult cats over one year of age.  All of the cats in the program had been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.   The event was a huge success, resulting in many cats finding their perfect forever families!  Due to the success of this program and additional sponsorship from committed donors, we offered another fee-waived adoption weekend on November 5th and 6th.

Some people have questions about why we offer fee waived adoptions, so we've put together a FAQ list:

What is the goal of fee waived adoptions?
At the MSPCA, we are committed to finding homes for as many adult cats as possible.  The main goal of having a fee waived adoption program is to quickly send adoptable cats home that otherwise may have lingered at the adoption center for months, or have been euthanized due to overcrowding or outbreaks of stress related illnesses.  Often times, when a fee waived program is in place, the cats length of stay at the center is much shorter, which reduces their stress level, decreases the chances of them becoming sick, and uses less of the facility’s resources to care for them.

Are you worried that a free event will attract the wrong type of adopters?
Some people have a concern that if there is not a fee associated with an adoption it will mean that the adopter may not provide a qualified home.  During these events, all of our adoption polices remain in effect, and potential adopters must meet these criteria in order to adopt.  We also provide excellent education to our adopters by thoroughly going over basic cat care and providing ongoing support if issues crop up once the cat is in their new home.

The MSPCA recognizes that in this economy, people have to be careful with their expenditures and often people may not be able to afford the cost of adoption as well as ongoing medical care and pet supply expenses. Often this may discourage potentially great adopters from coming in to take a cat home. By waiving the adoption fee, our hope is that people will be inspired to adopt a homeless cat.

How do fee waived adoptions benefit the community?
Fee waived adoption programs alert the public to the reality that cat overpopulation is a major problem in our communities. Research has indicated that the public responds to fee waived adoptions not because they are looking for a deal, but because they genuinely want to help the cats.

How can the MSPCA afford to give cats away for free?
The MSPCA is a non-profit organization, with donations and adoption fees making up a major part of our income. We have carefully considered how we can recuperate the loss of income through waived adoption fees, by asking for donations at the time of adoption that will go towards helping other adult cats still looking for homes, as well as fully stocking our retail areas and encouraging our adopters to continue to support the MSPCA by purchasing supplies for their new cat at the shelter.

Additionally, we have had incredible support from some of our very generous donors who have contributed towards our SPF75 and Fall in Love campaigns to help subsidize the reduced adoption fees and fee waived programs.  Their support means that we can both reduce fees for potential adopters and still maintain our operating budget.