School's Out, Cats Are In!

$50 Reduced Adoption Fees for Adult Cats Over 1 Year Old

June 22-24th (Friday-Sunday)

At MSPCA Adoption Centers and Animal Rescue League of Boston

June marks the end of the school year, and the start of summer vacation for many families. This can be a great time to introduce a new cat into your home!

For one weekend in June, the MSPCA and Animal Rescue League are offering a reduced adoption fee of $50 for all adult cats over the age of one year. This reduced fee allows potential adopters to commit more comfortably to the ongoing care of a cat. 

Kitten Season: Sounds Cute but the Reality is No Joke

June marks the beginning of "kitten season," when the seasonal breeding pattern of cats begins and kittens flood into our adoption centers. While kittens are frequently adopted quickly, adult cats can remain homeless for months before finding a home.

Why Adopt an Adult Cat?

An adult cat with an established personality that fits right into your lifestyle can often be the best choice! Consider adopting an adult cat this summer. Follow the links below to view some purrfect candidates for your new best friend!

 Centerville (Cape Cod)
 Methuen (Nevins Farm)

Can't Adopt? You Can Still Help!

Unable to adopt right now, but want to help make a difference? Please donate to the MSPCA! Every year, the MSPCA cares for thousands of cats and other animals in need. You can make a difference by making a gift today!

About Adoption Promotions

Funded by the Ivan Smith Adoption Challenge, the Goodson Family, and the Cat-Vocates, the School’s Out, Cats Are In Campaign is part of a series of ongoing programs designed to educate potential adopters about the variety of animals available and specifically to support the great need for homes for cats.