Adoption Resources

Rabbit Education

The MSPCA is hosting several events this spring for current and future rabbit adopters, as well as members of the general public who want to learn more about these little animals.  Please read on to learn more about these programs.

"Rabbits 101" Presentation in Methuen, Sunday, April 6 from 1-3pm
Hosted jointly with Lowell Humane Society
Are you thinking about adding a pet rabbit to the family?  Before making a decision to adopt a rabbit, come learn more about them!  Topics include behavior, diet, housing, exercise, and readying the home for a rabbit!  The presentation is free and appropriate for all ages.  We'll have kids' activities and raffles, too!  Click here for a downloadable flyer.

"Rabbits 101" Presentation in Boston, date TBD
Whether you already have a bunny or are considering adopting a bunny buddy, you are certain to learn something new at our Rabbits 101!  This is a unique opportunity to meet other rabbit enthusiasts, learn about health, socialization, clicker training and more.  We will have kids’ activities and demonstrations, too!  Stay tuned for more information.

"Rabbit Fest" in Methuen, Fall 2014
Our 7th annual Rabbit Festival is a great opportunity for rabbit owners and enthusiasts to learn advanced rabbit care topics, including bonding and clicker training.  With raffles, kids’ activities, and demonstrations, there is plenty to do and learn.  A veterinarian will be onsite to offer abbreviated wellness checks (pre-registration required for wellness checks).  Otherwise, the presentations are free and there's no need to register in advance.  Please note that all attending rabbits must be in carriers.  Stay tuned for more information.

To learn more about responsible guardianship, and whether a rabbit is right for you, please visit our Rabbit Care and Adoption Page.  This page includes tons of useful information, including:

  • reasons rabbits are surrendered to the MSPCA
  • our commitment to rabbit adoption, and what we seek in an adopter
  • health and veterinary care
  • fun facts about rabbits
  • keeping kids interested when the novelty wears off
  • who's available for adoption!