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Are You My Foster Home?

What is the Foster Care Program?

The MSPCA Foster Care Program is a life-saving extension of our adoption center. Foster parents provide temporary homes for animals that aren't quite ready for adoption. Fostering is a personal and wonderful way to contribute to saving the life of a homeless animal. We currently depend on the generosity and dedication of over 400 foster families. Thankfully we have a wonderful network of foster homes and some of our current needs for foster care are full. Please read on below for a list of foster opportunities we are currently recruiting for.

What Animals Need Fostering?


- Adult Cats with Upper Respiratory Infection.
- Nursing Moms with litter of kittens.
- Feral Kittens in need of socialization, learn more.
- Shy Cat Adoption Ambassador Foster, learn more.
- Kittens in need of bottle feeding.
- Any rabies vaccinated foster parents.
- Cats or Kittens with Ringworm, learn more
- Kittens (single, pair or litter of kittens).


- Rabbits: We are currently seeking foster homes that have experience with rabbits and are interested in fostering rabbits as an adoption ambassador to them until they are able to find an adoptive home. We also occasionally have nursing moms with baby bunnies in need of foster.
- Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rats, and Mice: We have the occasional need for foster care for small animals who have recently given birth or are possibly pregnant.


- Accepting Applications: Adoption Ambassadors for Pit Bull Type Dogs, learn morePittie Love Rescue, a great foster based rescue groups is also currently seeking foster homes.
- Currently Full: Puppy (single).
- Currently Full: Puppies (litter).
- Currently Full: Nursing Mom with Puppies.
- Currently Full: Bottlefed Puppies.
- Currently Full: Small, Medium and Large Breed Dogs.

*If you are interested in fostering small, medium or large breed dogs, we would encourage you to apply to foster with All Dog Rescue a wonderful rescue groups that is need of foster homes.

How Much Time Will it Take?

The time required to foster varies depending on the species and the reason for foster. The foster period can be as little as two weeks or as long as many months depending on the needs of the particular animal. For our Adoption Ambassador foster program we ask foster parents to foster the animal until he/she is adopted.

What are the Requirements for Foster Parents

If you rent your current apartment, we need to gain permission from your landlord or rental company before you can foster. It is recommended that you find out your apartment's pet policy before applying to our foster program. If you own your home, we ask that you bring proof of home ownership - a tax bill, water bill or mortgage statement- with you to the foster orientation. Foster families will need to dedicate the time to make frequent visits to the adoption centers if, and when needed. For this reason all foster parents should be within a 30 minute driving distance to the MSPCA. We are reachable via public transportation, but keep in mind there may be times when a cab is required if emergency visits are required.

Is Fostering Right For You?

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience that requires a real commitment.  The emotional aspects of fostering are difficult and should be discussed with all family members.  It is easy to fall in love with any animal especially one that has depended on you. Oftentimes it can be difficult to see them leave your home for their new forever home. The wonderful part of fostering is knowing that you played a tremendous and extremely crucial role in getting them there!

What Does the MSPCA Provide for a Foster Animal?

We will provide you with all the supplies needed:  Food, bowls, leash, collar, medication and litter are all provided by the MSPCA.  We'll send anything the animal is attached to, such as a bed or special toys.  Our vet staff will care for the animal if the need for medical attention arises, and we will incur those costs.  Foster animals are not to be brought to your family veterinarian or another MSPCA veterinarian without prior approval from our staff.

How Do I Become an MSPCA Foster Parent?

Please look at the above types of animals that currently need fostering. If you are interested in fostering animals in the "Accepting Applications" categories, please click here to fill out an online application. We will contact you when we schedule the next orientation. Orientations are two hours long and are generally held every 6-8 weeks. We host separate orientations - one for foster parents interested in dogs and one for foster parents interested in fostering cats or small animals.

For more information on our Foster Volunteer Program, please call (617) 524-5708, or email  

Don't Have Room to Foster an Animal? 

Consider making a donation to help support our foster and adoption center animals.