Volunteer Positions

Housekeeping Helper

AVAILABILITY: Daily from open to close.
TIME COMMITMENT: Flexible. One weekly two hour shift preferred.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Feeding and caring for over 150 animals each day generates a whole lot of dishes and laundry. Cleaning and Housekeeping is what keeps our adoption center ticking. Anyone willing to risk dishpan hands is welcome to become one of our Housekeeping volunteers.  We have an industrial strength washer, dryer, and dishwasher to help you get the job done. This position doesn't involve direct contact with the public, so it is a great way to contribute if you prefer helping behind the scenes.
QUALIFICATIONS: checkmarkOrganizational skills a plus!
checkmarkNo fear of elbow grease and getting a little dirty!
TRAINING REQUIRED: All volunteers must attend a two hour volunteer orientation before starting their position. The orientation covers each of the volunteer positions at the MSPCA Adoption Center in detail, and explains the overall objectives of the MSPCA as an organization. After completing the initial volunteer orientation we will schedule your initial volunteer training shift where you will be paired with an experienced volunteer to help show you the ropes. Additional training is offered, but not mandatory.

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