We Have Been Waiting

While many animals are adopted quickly, we often times have wonderful cats, dogs, and small animals who wait in the adoption center for weeks, sometimes months, hoping to find someone to take them home. Each day they wait, passed over for the cute kitten in the cage next to them or the dog that knows more tricks than they were taught.  Our hearts break for these animals - they have so much to offer but get passed over each day for someone else. Perhaps you are the person they have been waiting so long for? Please come in to the adoption center today and meet the animals below who have been waiting the longest at the adoption, waiting for someone with a big heart like you!

Neely (waiting since May 3rd)
2 years old, Pit Bull Mix, Neutered Male

Woof! I'm Neely, the sweetest pup around. I was transferred to the MSPCA from another facility that wanted help finding me the perfect home and I just celebrated my second birthday!  And although everyone here was great to celebrate with, I'm hoping to find my forever family to share all of life's other milestones with.  I don't need anything fancy, just a nice home (or apartment) and family (or person) willing to give me the love and attention I need and deserve. I do well with some dogs but not others so if you have a dog at home that could be my doggy brother or sister, I should meet them before going home. I'm a shy boy and would prefer a zen household without any young kids as I get nervous easily. I can't wait to attend positive reinforcement training with my new family to help boost my confidence.  Come meet me today!

Coconut (waiting since October 6th)
5 months old, Neutered Male

My name's Coconut, and I'm a wonderful little tailless boy. It's okay-- I was born without one!  I did have some issues with my bum but after three surgeries I'm doing great... yet sometimes I still smudge a little after I use the litter box. So I'm looking for people who are okay with a boy who can be a little messy without ever meaning to be.  Another young playful cat friend would be a plus and some kind and loving people would make me the happiest Coconut of all. Come meet me and fall in love today!

May (waiting since September 16th)
1 year, 2 months, English Spot/Rhinelander, Spayed Female

Hello there!  My name is May, and I am an enthusiastic and playful girl who will hop right into your heart.  I love exploring out of my pen so I will need plenty of out of cage time in my new home.  Pat my head and I'll gladly lie down and receive more.  I am litterbox trained and already spayed so I am ready and willing to go home with you today!  I am not that picky about my housing.  An X-pen would be fine as long as I also get exploring time, or I could be a house bunny and have free reign of your place.  I hope you'll hop on over to the MSPCA so we may get a little one on one time soon!

Champion (waiting since August 13th)
7 years, 3 months old, Pit Bull Mix, Neutered Male

Hi, I'm Champion and I'm looking for my PP (Perfect Person) to share brisk morning walks and cozy evenings on the couch.  Champion's my name, because I've surpassed all rivals in hugs and kisses. I came to the shelter because my human companion got sick and could no longer care for me. I may be middle-aged but I've still got a spring in my step and sparkle in my eye that rivals any of those younger pups. I would like to be your one and only Champion, but I might be able to go home with another titleholder as long as we meet first and get along. Cats? Never met 'em, so check with staff to see if I could live with a feline friend. Kids? I would prefer a home without them as I do not like to share my toys . Manners? I've learned some, but I'd like to be the consummate gentleman, so a Beginner's Obedience class would be the perfect place for me to practice my etiquette.  Please come by so we can see if you are my PP and we can become the Perfect Pair!

Quinn (waiting since October 20th)
1 year, 1 month old, Spayed Female

Hi!  I'm Quinn and I was originally found as a stray cat at the zoo! Some may say that I am small in stature (er..um..or petite) but my playful and loving attitude make me a giant love ball.  I am a sweet natured cat and I'd love nothing more than curling up with my person, having some chin scratches and chasing those toy mice.  I'd be an excellent companion for someone who really appreciates an affectionate cat. As I'm all love!  We don't know much about my life before I was brought here to the shelter, so if you have other pets at home, talk with one of the staff memebers to see how we might get along.  I'm already spayed so we can fall in love and be together right away.  Please stop by so we can play!

Mr. Toes (waiting since September 19th)
1 year, 2 months old, Guinea Pig, Intact Male

Hi I'm Mr. Toes and I came with my buddy Kisses who has already found her forever home, but I'm hear patiently waiting for my great home.  I love being held and groomed.  And I really like to eat lettuce, tomato and apple, and as you can see carrots are a great treat for me as well.  I'm not picky about my housing - a basic guinea pig cage is fine for me, as long as we have enough room to move around.  I can't wait for you to stop by so we can chat a bit.