We Have Been Waiting

While many animals are adopted quickly, we often times have wonderful cats, dogs, and small animals who wait in the adoption center for weeks, sometimes months, hoping to find someone to take them home. Each day they wait, passed over for the cute kitten in the cage next to them or the dog that knows more tricks than they were taught.  Our hearts break for these animals - they have so much to offer but get passed over each day for someone else. Perhaps you are the person they have been waiting so long for? Please come in to the adoption center today and meet the animals below who have been waiting the longest at the adoption, waiting for someone with a big heart like you!

Neely (waiting since May 3rd)
2 years, 4 months old, Pit Bull Mix, Neutered Male

Woof! I'm Neely, the sweetest pup around. I was transferred to the MSPCA from another facility that wanted help finding me the perfect home and I just celebrated my second birthday!  And although everyone here was great to celebrate with, I'm hoping to find my forever family to share all of life's other milestones with.  I don't need anything fancy, just a nice home (or apartment) and family (or person) willing to give me the love and attention I need and deserve. I do well with some dogs but not others so if you have a dog at home that could be my doggy brother or sister, I should meet them before going home. I'm a shy boy and would prefer a zen household without any young kids as I get nervous easily. I can't wait to attend positive reinforcement training with my new family to help boost my confidence.  Come meet me today!

Skyler (waiting since August 11th)
5 years, 7 months old, Spayed Female

Hello there, I'm Skyler, and I am a sweet and petite gal with a heart of gold. It's true, I am a bit shy, but if you spend some time with me, you will find that I am an affectionate girl. I will purr away happily when I get a good head scratch. If you are looking for a quiet, loyal companion, it's your lucky day! I can't wait to go home with a loving person or family… Please stop by so that we can get to know one another; and if we are the match made in heaven it'll be blue skies all around as I can go home with you right away since I'm already spayed!

Tesla (waiting since October 21st)
White short haired rabbit, Neutered Male

Hi!  I am Tesla, a sweet rabbit looking for a new home.  I am not yet litterbox trained, so I can be a little messy.  And I am also easily excited and can be jumpy and/or curious towards new visitors.  So I think I will do best in a home with rabbit-experienced people.  I am not that picky about my housing.  An X-pen would be fine as long as I also get exploring time.  I hope you'll hop on over to the MSPCA so we may get a little one on one time soon!  Another great thing is that I am already neutered so I could go home with you today.

Norman (waiting since January 5th)
3 months old, Hamster, Male

Hi!  I'm Norman, I'm a great little black hamster.  I have just returned from foster care, and I am now ready to settle in at home with a great person or family.  The MSPCA has a Hamster Herald that can give you lots of details about what to expect having a hamster.  I'll need exercise, like the purple wheel I'm pictured on, and I'd enjoy having toys to play with and chew on.  Come on in and meet me today!


Dexter (waiting since December 23rd)
1 year, 3 months old, Pit Bull Mix, Neutered Male

Hi, how do you do, I'm Dexter, how are you?  Are you looking for a friendly and affectionate youngster?  Well you found him!  I am a one year old male 50lbs Pit Bull Mix, and I'm at the adoption center because I had too much puppy energy for my former guardian.  As you may have gathered, I'm an outgoing boy, full of fun and personality. I've met other dogs here at the adoption center and have been eager to play with them.  I would probably enjoy living with another active playful dog like me, as long as we meet first to make sure we'll be good buddies.  (Cats and I probably wouldn't be a great match though!)  As for tricks, well, I am both smart and food-motivated: I'll sit and lie down for you at the drop of a treat, ummm I mean hat!  Since I am so young and haven't had any formal training, my adoption fee includes 7 weeks of Positive Reinforcement Beginner's Obedience.  I think it will be a great way for us to bond with each other and get me lots more treats, err I mean learn me lots more tricks!  As you might have noticed, I do have a skin condition right now that I'm being treated for, I think I'll be a real stunner once all my hair grows back in, don't you?  Can't wait to meet me?  Well I can't wait to meet you, so come by the adoption center today!

Martha (waiting since February 10th)
6 years, 1 month old, Spayed Female

Hi, I'm Martha, a sweet redhead who purrs like crazy when you rub my head.  I came to the MSPCA because my owner passed away and now I am in need of a new family who can give me their love and attention.  I'm a friendly and affectionate girl who will make a wonderful addition to a loving family.  I have to admit that I don't want to share the love with other pets, so please have me be your one and only pet in our home.  And since I'm already spayed, I can go home with you today!  Please stop by so we can get to know each other and see if we would make a perfect pair.