We Have Been Waiting

While many animals are adopted quickly, we often times have wonderful cats, dogs, and small animals who wait in the adoption center for weeks, sometimes months, hoping to find someone to take them home. Each day they wait, passed over for the cute kitten in the cage next to them or the dog that knows more tricks than they were taught.  Our hearts break for these animals - they have so much to offer but get passed over each day for someone else. Perhaps you are the person they have been waiting so long for? Please come in to the adoption center today and meet the animals below who have been waiting the longest at the adoption, waiting for someone with a big heart like you!

Hoagie (waiting since May 25th)
8 years, 1 month old, Pit Bull Terrier Mix, Spayed Female

Hello there! I'm Hoagie, a sweet-as-can-be spayed female 59lbs Pit Bull Terrier Mix. I'm here at the MSPCA because someone found me tied up in a parking lot and brought me here. It was tough being left there, but I'm glad I ended up safe and sound here at the adoption center. I'm fortunate to be getting lots of love from the staff and volunteers here, but I sure am looking forward to finding my forever home! I'm an affectionate, mellow gal who loves being around people. I have such a sweet personality and adorable wiggle that I always bring a smile to people's faces. I enjoy getting outside for fresh air and then hanging out with people inside. In fact, I think I'd make the perfect TV/movie-watching companion - I don't make a lot of noise and I love snuggling. So, a little more about the right home for me…the staff here say I'd be fine to go to a family with kids (I'm calm and affectionate - a great combo!). Do you have other furry friends already? While I probably shouldn't go to a home with cats, I may be able to go to a home with another dog as long as we meet first and get along. Are you looking for a sweet, calm, adorable gal who'll bring joy to every day? Well, I just might be the perfect match for you! Come on over and meet me today!

Mary (waiting since March 30th)
5 years, 3 months old, Spayed Female

Hi, there, my name's Mary!  I came here as a stray, found by a kind stranger who brought me to the MSPCA so I could find a new home.  As you can see I'm ready and waiting, watching for you to stop by.  I'm a sweet and friendly girl.  I do love it when you pet me, but only for a short while... no worries though, I'll let you know when I've had enough!  I'm looking for an owner who can read my body language and give me space when I need it and love and attention too.  I'm also already spayed so once we decide we are a great match, I can go home with you right away.  I can't wait to find my new home, where I can relax, settle in, and let my awesome personality blossom! 

Chantilly and Snowflake (waiting since March 27th)
5 years, 3 months old and 4 years, 3 months old, respectively, Lionhead Rabbits, Spayed Females

Hi, I'm Chantilly and law enforcement brought me and my daughter, Snowflake, here to the MSPCA to find new forever homes.  Although we came together, we have since decided that we would like to be the only rabbits of the household as we tend to get a little possessive of our space.  So we are hoping to find an experienced rabbit owner wanting to engage with us and our spunky nature.  We are litterbox trained and love enrichment toys to keep us busy.  Come visit us and let's see if we are a perfect match!

Bosco (waiting since June 9th)
9 years, 7 months old, Boston Terrier/Beagle Mix, Neutered Male

Hello! I'm Bosco, and I am a 33-pound Beagle/Boston Terrier boy. All of the animals at the MSPCA are looking for their Forever Homes, but for me, it's more like a Forever and Ever Home, because I have been here before; I got adopted and then, after I was living with the family for a while, their landlord decided dogs weren't allowed anymore. Now I'm looking for a permanent home with someone who will give me lots of love for the rest of my life!  I'm an easygoing companion and a good listener who will sit on a park bench or a couch with you. I'm the master of The Subtle Cuddle, where I sit really close to you so we're touching and I act like it's no big deal. We could even take naps together; sleeping is a hobby of mine. For two years I lived with a Husky, whom I loved, so I may be able to live with another dog as long as we meet first and get along. I lived with teens and was regularly around small children, ages 1 through 7, and I got along well with all of them. If you are looking for a BBBF (Best Beagle/Boston Forever), please ask an Adoption Counselor here at the MSPCA in Boston about me.

Mystery (waiting since June 11th)
1 year, 3 months old, Neutered Male

Hi! My name is Mystery! I am feeling a little feisty because the new sounds and smells of the shelter make me nervous so I may take a minute to warm up to you, and it may be best to wait and let me come to you. As you can see from my candid shot, I've got some smooth moves of stealth-like nature, so I promise, if you are patient with me, I'll come around to check you out.  I am a really sweet, fun loving guy who is affectionate, mellow, playful and silly all rolled in to one! I have a very unique personality and the cutest little meow, will you get to know me and take me home with you!?

Barbara Ann (waiting since April 16th)
1 year, 3 months old, Parakeet, Female

Hi!  I'm Barbara Ann, a parakeet looking for a new home.  I was found on Newbury Street in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, trying to fly.  As a species, us parakeets are known to be very intelligent, and I know that we won't let the perception down!  I will need toys to keep me busy and if my Back Bay adventure tells you anything it is that I love to climb around and explore.  I hope you will come by and meet me and our other bird buddies so we can decide if I'm your bird-of-a-feather who should definitely be together with you!! Hope to see you soon!