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Every day animals come to the MSPCA needing medical care.  Animals who were found ill or injured wandering outside, subjects of animal abuse, or surrendered by their owner who could no longer afford the medical care they needed.  All require specialized care and treatment ... All have their own stories.  The following are just some of the animals that were helped by the Guardian Angel Fund, which allows the adoption center to pay for injured or sick animals, from medication and exams to surgery and recovery.  Donate today to help us give more animals a second chance.

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Alfred, a 1-year old chinchilla, was surrendered by his owner in October 2011.  The staff quickly saw that he had burns all over his body, including infected scabs on each of his feet and singed hair.  Thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, he received the treatment that he needed, including antibiotics for the infection and a medicated scrub to sooth his burns.  He has since found a loving home.


In February 2012, a Good Samaritan found two puppies abandoned in a Good Will donation bin by a Hyannis grocery store.  Named Monkey and Baby by the MSPCA staff, they were suffering from long-untreated mange, which caused them to have hair loss and scabs.  The Guardian Angel Fund provided the medical treatment that they needed.  Now they are in their forever homes, pain-free and happy.


Teddy, an adorable 3-year old maltese, was surrendered to the MSPCA in February 2012 because his owners were moving.  He was suffering from a perineal hernia, which required surgery to treat.  Thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, Teddy received his surgery at Angell Medical Center in Boston.  He has since been adopted.


Cruiser was found wandering the streets of Dennis with a broken leg in August 2011.  After no owner claimed him, he was brought to the MSPCA to find his forever home.  But first, he needed x-rays and surgery in order to repair his leg.  Luckily, the Guardian Angel Fund allowed him to received the medical care he needed, and he is now in a wonderful, new home.


Nubby, a 3-legged cat, was brought to the adoption center after narrowly escaping from a house fire in November 2011.  In order to save her life, her owners had to throw open the door so that she could escape.  They were able to find her 3 days later, unharmed from the fire, but heavily infested with fleas from being outside, which causes scabs and hair loss.  The Guardian Angel Fund gave her the treatment that she needed and she has since been adopted.


Lolo was a 6-month old kitten who was brought to the adoption center after being tangled up in a car windshield wiper.  It fractured his hind leg so severely, it needed to be amputated.  This happy-go-lucky guy learned quickly to walk on his three remaining legs and has since found a new wonderful home.


Cindy was surrendered because her owners were no longer able to afford her medical care.  She required multiple medications to treat skin and ear infections as well as untreated dry eye, which caused her to go partially blind.  Thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, she was able to receive the treatment she needed and is now adopted. 


Taco, a 4-year old miniature chihuahua, was brought to the MSPCA after his owner passed away.  Right away, staff noticed a strange shuffle when he walked.  Thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, he was able to receive a MRI scan, which showed neurological problems.  Luckily, he was determined to be ok and is now loving life snuggling with his new owner.


In February 2011, an owner surrendered 22 guinea pigs to the adoption center, all of which were living in just 4 cages.  Many of the guinea pigs had bites due to fighting from not enough space in the small cages, which required treatment.  All 22 pigs were placed into loving homes.



Brandy was found wandering the streets in Barnstable extremely emaciated, pregnant and later tested positive with Heartworm.  The Guardian Angel fund helped provide her the treatment she needed after having complications giving birth to nine puppies and also to treat her heartworm and other parasites.  She and all of her puppies were adopted in April 2010.


 Andy was found wandering outside during the first big snowstorm of the 2011 winter season.  He had a deep, infected wound under his front leg and required multiple surgeries to treat his wound.  He subsequently developed conjunctivitus in his eyes and required treatment.  Even after many trips to the vet for his medical care, he still remained the most affectionate guy.  He is now adopted and living life happy with his new family.