Cape Cod ACAC

Pathway Home Project

Much work has been done over the past few years to improve the facility that more than 1,400 animals called their temporary home.  The Pathway Home Project enables us to improve the existing adoption center structure.  It will improve our ability to offer a safe and comforting haven for animals and people alike. To donate, please click here or on the image on the left of the screen.


2012:  Dog Room Renovations

With sincere thanks to our supportive donors, we have been able to make much needed improvements in our dog adoption room.  Special woofs and wags to the McGraw, Chesnauskas, O'Keefe, Butters, Crissan, and Cook families for their generous gifts.

A new exhaust fan donated by Buckley Associates in Hanover in combination with a new window for air intake has done wonders for ventilation on mild days.  The new 25000 BTU air conditioner has had a huge impact on hot days.  The dogs are so much more comfortable in their cooler environment.  We're ready for Summer 2013!

The new Komatex panels have been installed on the interior and exterior kennels.  These solid panels are very effective at reducing stress-related behaviors, plus they are easy to clean and durable.


 Plumbing repairs have been done to repair a collapsed floor drain and replace a hot/cold faucet used for kennel cleaning.



Thanks to Pro Exterior Cleaning for the awning repair.  And to Fiske Construction, C.A. Vincent Building and Remodeling, Kevin Boyle Plumbing, E.F. Winslow Plumbling and Umbrianna Electric for the building repairs.

Still Need!  Fresh Coat of Paint in Dog Room

The dog room needs a brightening up with a fresh coat of paint and top-to-bottom cleaning.  There are also a few remaining kennel dividers that need to be installed as well as some minor kennel repair.  Help our dogs feel happier by donating to help with our continued renovations.

Structural Repairs

Building repairs are a constant task to keep on top of.  The building needs some restructural wall and electrical repair as well as replacing windows to let more light and air flow in.

Please donate today!


2011 Project:  Cat Room Renovations Complete!

In November, thanks to the donations made to Pathway Home, we were able to complete our cat adoption room renovations.  News floors, a fresh coat of paint as well as brand-new cozy "cat condos" have made the room much more comfortable for our feline friends.  Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!









2010 Repairs:

Thanks to last year’s Raise the Roof Campaign, our surgery clinic’s roof was replaced.  More dog walking trails were cleared, a new floor was installed in the lobby, additional parking was created and landscaping was added.