Surrendering Your Pet to the MSPCA Cape Cod

Pets must be surrendered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 1-4pm. Click here for our open hours of operation. Because the weekends are the busiest times at the Adoption Center for adopters, we will no longer take in surrendered animals on Saturdays and Sundays. These changes are intended to allow our staff to maximize their time spent with potential adopters. Please rest assured that if the circumstances prevent someone from coming back during the weekdays, or we feel that the animal might not otherwise be cared for, we will make exceptions to this policy.

If you have found an animal, please call the adoption center at 508-775-0940 prior to bringing the pet in.  Found dogs are required to go to the town's animal control.  Click here for more information on what you should do if you have found an animal.

We ask that the owner of the animal be present during the time of the surrender. The owner is able to give us the most accurate information regarding the animal and this will help us find the best possible situation for the dog or cat. If the owner is not able to be present, please contact the adoption center to make other arrangements.

Please bring any veterinary records that the animal may have and the name and phone number of their most current veterinarian.

Please make sure dogs are on leash and cats are in a carrier.

We also have personality profiles/animal history forms that we ask you to fill out on your cat or dog when you come to our adoption center. The personality profile helps us make the right match between your animal and a potential adopter. It will also help a potential adopter learn more about your pet. 

The adoption centers requests a $50 donation to help cover the costs of the animal while it is in our care. We can also use blankets, leashes, collars or toys in decent shape. Please do not bring open food containers as we can not use them.

Our Reality
The MSPCA is an open admission adoption center, which means we never turn an animal or an owner away. While we try our hardest to find homes for every animal that is brought to us, we are often faced with difficult euthanasia decisions when an animal is not medically or behavioral sound for adoption. Medical and behavioral evaluations are performed on animals prior to placing them up for adoption. The adoption center environment is very stressful on a pet used to a quiet home with a consistent caretaker and an established territory. While we do our best to make each animal feel as comfortable as possible, it is not a home. It is for this reason that we look to you to try everything you can to work on the situation you are facing in order to keep your pet for life or work to find a new happy home for your pet.