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A day in the life at the Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center

Noble Family Adoption Center

Welcome to our blog for the Small Animal Adoption Center at Nevins Farm!  I imagine many people wonder what happens "behind the scenes" at an animal shelter- the animal emergencies, law enforcement cases, training dogs, evaluating animals for adoption, etc.  If you have been to our adoption center, you have surely seen the staff and volunteers bustling with activity and tasks.  We are a very busy place with lots of work to get done. Never is a dull day here!  Each day brings a learning experience and emotions can run high (or low).  One thing that is constant is staff and volunteers show up everyday with dedication and determination to help the dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small guys that are in need of new homes and/or medical attention.  We are all aware that we may encounter some very sad cases, but the joy of a happy ending- when an animal gets a new, loving home or makes a full recovery- is our reward.

We want to share the stories of the animals, our daily experiences, and issues facing animal welfare.  So if you are someone who is interested in the "inside scoop" about what happens during the average day here, then stay tuned to this blog!  As always, we invite you to share your thoughts or comments by emailing us at  Thank you always for your support.  Enjoy our blog!

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