17 Flemish Giant Rabbits Surrendered
May 22, 2012

By Sheri

On Friday our Boston MSPCA got a big surprise. A person came in with 17 Flemish Giant rabbits to surrender, 3 adults and 14 babies under 4 months old.  The Rabbits were purposely bred to be sold at Easter time however none of them made it into home. The Flemish came from very crowded living quarters,  all had very bad cases of ear mites which we are treating and many of them are underweight for where they should be. The conditions coming out of the home appeared far from ideal for these special bunnies.  Myself and a team of additional volunteers were heading down to our RabbitFest in Boston on Sunday and we took 15 of the 17 bunnies back up to MSPCA Methuen since we have larger runs and more space to house them while they are waiting to find great adopters.

Why did these bunnies need more space? Flemish Giants are one of the biggest and oldest breeds of  domestic rabbits. At 3-4 months most of the Flemish babies are already weighing in at 4.5 pounds. As adults the average Flemish Giant will weigh between 12 and 15 pounds. Flemish do take a little longer to mature than most rabbit breeds and don't typically reach their full weight until about a year and a half of age. An adult Flemish can also be as long as 2 to 2.5 feet long laying down so they do require a very large cage or  better yet ideally a ring pen setup, or jumbo wire dog crate is more appropriate for these large bunnies.

Flemish Giants truly can make amazing companion animals. They are well known for their laid back and docile temperaments and are typically very tolerant for frequent handling. Most rabbits in an indoor setting litter box train easily, are social, interactive, and very fun to train. Flemish giants are no exception to this, plus given their size they tend to do well bonding with kids, and other animals in the household. Flemish Giants are fondly referred to as "Gentle Giants", and really tend to live up to this nickname.

So thinking of adding one of these large bunnies to your household? Come talk to us we will be happy to let you meet them and talk to you in depth about their care, nutrition needs and training.

Check back soon for all their pictures on petfinder!! Available Rabbits for Adoption

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